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Hereby we are presenting our new Outrigger canoe
It is called OC-1 AGILE Outrigger canoe.



Thanks to the structure of its hull, the AGILE Outrigger is a speedy, rapid canoe, as its name suggests.
The distance of its comfortable sponge seat is adjustable. The pedals make it easy to steer and to turn.
The ama can be fixed either on the right or on the left side. 
It is also excellent for paddling at sea.
It can be ordered in any colour.
Length: 600 cm
Width: 45 cm
Height: 40 cm
If you have any queries concerning the prices or ordering, do not hesitate to contact us exclusively by email.







OC-1 Albatross outrigger canoes.



Hereby we are presenting our renewed OC-2 Albatross Outrigger canoes.



The new OC-1 SCALA outrigger canoe












OC-2 Albatross outrigger canoe