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Our firm has been manufacturing products of glass fiber and carbon fiber since 1994.


In the beginning, we made playground items, containers, vehicle bodywork elements as a private enterprise, which developed into POLA Kayak-Canoe  Kft. (Co. Ltd.) in 1988.

After establishing our limited company, we gradually shifted into the direction of manufaturing water sports equipment. Nowadays the main scope of activity of our family-run business is focused on the production and repair of kayaks and canoes, but we undertake the mass production of other types of articles.

Year by year we broaden our product range. If technology makes it possible, we do our best to realize the individual desires and requirements of our clients in the course of the production. We continuously monitor and – according to our possibilities – involve the latest technologies in our manufaturing process so that we can make the highest quality products for our buyers.

In the past few years, I have worked together with my grown-up son, and our objective is to manufacture the products of the highest possible quality for our purchasers. As a result, we have offered a guarantee of three years on our kayaks and canoes for several years.

Since the foundation of POLA Kayak-Canoe  Kft. our kayaks and canoes have been known and used in almost 20 countries in the world.

We truly hope to be able to greet you among our satisfied clients soon.


Best regards,


                                                                                               Polareczky József