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Our customers have the possibility to choose and combine the colors of the kayaks and canoes arbitrarily, without having to pay any extra charge.


The hull can be self-coloured, of different colours at the bottom and the top, or gradient.

Below you can find the most frequently used colours that we usually have in stock.

Needless to say, not only these colours can be chosen!

If you like another colour, please give its RAL code and we shall do our best to obtain it.

However, we must inform you that purchasing and mixing any colours not found on our list may take longer, and thus it may influence the deadline stipulated for the manufacturing of the hull.

As the monitor will probably not give back exactly the orginal shade of the colour, it is worth identifying the chosen colours with the help of a RAL colour chart. In this regard, we shall be glad to be at our customers’ disposal on our sites.